Melissa is a Tampa, FL based photographer (having lived and traveled across state lines and overseas throughout most of her life), with nearly 20 years of hands-on experience in Photography and Graphic Arts; she prefers natural settings as her backdrop to anything that catches her eye.

Accepted to Brooks Institute of Photography before graduating high school (2002), while enrolled her first ever photography class, she turned down the opportunity for the highest education in her passion to pursue normal living (that whole mindset where “money requires a job”… yeah, that was more accurate). A couple of years later, after attempting to further her photography abilities at a local community college, she felt that being taught about the subject exhausted her fire for her passion, and so she decided to learn on her own time and camaraderie.

Up until 2013, she helped create, co-found and run a certified non-profit organization local to San Diego County, where she was in charge of photography, graphics, web administration, and handled various projects, event planning and administration for the organization in her spare time.

As of 2017, Melissa now resides in North Tampa, Florida, where she works for a small business, and still dedicates her time to photography often.

This website was created to showcase Melissa’s photography portfolio, as well as any other artwork she deems viewable to the general public.

The concept for the name of ‘Mogues Gallery’ comes from a nickname that she acquired while volunteering her time for the San Diego based non-profit organization, as well as a play off of name ‘Rogues Gallery’; the term for the various villains that the DC comic book hero, Batman, has faced over the years. Upon being fortunate enough to attend Comic-Con one year back in 2012, she finally decided to come up with a catchy name for her website. It just seemed fitting at the time!

From one nerd to another, cheers!


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